Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn, Inc.
12030 SW 129th Ct. Miami Fl. 33186 .  2nd Floor # 206
(305) 244-7358
(Behind Dunkin Donuts) 


Math, Reading, Homework assistance. 

$65.00 per week

up to 10 Hrs weekly

*Call for details*




What makes Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn different from other tutoring centers?

The INTERACTIVE TUTORING method we use to reinforce academic skills is non-conventional.(Not the typical pencil & paper tutoring system). We don’t want our children to feel they are all day in school.  So we opted to strengthen their academics, using educational toys, games, and manipulatives. 


What services does Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn offer?

MATH & LANGUAGE ARTS: We are also unique in this field. We are convinced that daily interactive tutoring in Math and Language Arts is A LOT more efficient than 1 or 2 hours per week. Our program has daily tutoring for our children. We follow the Miami-Dade School Board pacing guide, so our children fortify their skills on a daily basis. Reviewing what they learned in school that day through playing will definitely result in great progress.

READING: Achieving reading fluency and comprehension is a must to excel in academics. We have a beautiful reading area, with a broad selection of books.  Our aim is to instill a passion for reading in our children. We practice silent and group reading with the purpose of mastering this skill, maximizing our children’s academic potential.

HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE: Completing homework daily is important to achieve excellent academic goals. After tutoring has finished, the children are welcomed in our homework area, where they will be assisted with the completion of their homework.  This is where we watch closely to verify the child’s knowledge of the current skill. Our mission is to develop enough academic confidence to motivate each child to complete homework independently. A habit that is needed and will eventually blossom.


What makes interactive tutoring more effective?

Even though the most common tutoring method is one on one with pencil and paper, we strongly believe in interactive methods that require the involvement of more than one child to stimulate social skills in a fun competitive environment that will help our children learn through playing without even realizing how much they are actually learning.  We also apply short and long term positive reinforcements to help motivate our children.

What if I prefer one-on- one tutoring?

       Should you prefer private tutoring, we offer this service as well.


Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes, we also provide tutoring services on Saturdays. Please call our front desk to schedule appointments in advance.


Will my child need tutoring all year round?

This varies from child to child. We believe that a child with stronger academic bases will most likely succeed on later school challenges. That’s why we emphasize on daily tutoring until your child has developed enough academic confidence to pursue his or her future goals. Mastering the basics and adopting good reading, and studying habits will assure future academic success. We do not only consider tutoring on a certain skill important. Discipline and persistence with good studying habits go hand on hand with academic success. In our tutoring center we encourage and challenge our children to compete, not with the rest of the class, but with themselves, becoming a more disciplined child from day to day, learning to believe in themselves and reaching their maximum potential!


My child is struggling in math; can we opt to receive tutoring for math only?

Parents are free to decide what skill they want their children to receive. However, we do like to make them aware that even if a child masters math operations, if he/she does not excel in reading comprehension and fluency, this may affect math grades, especially when problem solving is involved.




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