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Interactive Tutoring Center 

Math, Reading, Computer lab, Homework assistance and more... 

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Elizabeth Mendieta

 "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn". - Ignacio Estrada.

Elizabeth Mendieta is the founder and creator of Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn; her professional background includes over 18 years as a corporate executive. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother she personally experienced the daily struggles and challenges with her children’s academics. After years of dealing with the gaps in our current school system she knew deep in her heart something had to be done.

As a visionary, the idea of developing a system that would reinforce and ease the learning process for our children, encouraged her to innovate a play and learn method in a place with no school setting to promote hands on, fun activities that will change the perception kids have of academics. Eliminating the stress, the pressure and motivating the desire to learn and adopt good studying habits.

Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn program is also designed to help parents. As a mother, Elizabeth felt frustration because she felt she had to be a “teacher” at home. Most of us parents do not know how to “teach”, and having to sit with our children to do homework, adds more stress to our already hectic life style. Elizabeth strongly believes that our children should be encouraged and taught to take on responsibility.  Ms. Zeebra’s program mission is to develop in our children the academic confidence they need to succeed.



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