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Math, Reading, Homework assistance. 
 $65.00 per week

up to 10 Hrs weekly

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Welcome to Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn!

We couldn't be more proud and satisfied with the positive impact we've had with our program. Providing daily homework assistance and reinforcement is the key to our children's academic improvement and success. 

With all the School Board of Education changes in effect, the standardized testing, at the fast pace the curriculum has to be taught and many other factors, our children experience a lot of anxiety and frustration with the learning process. If you add the support we provide to their daily learning effort, the possibility to achieve their academic goals increases dramatically.

Our program encourages our children to maximize their potential and confidence in a loving and caring environment. Our aftercare service, not only benefits our children, but also gives parents peace of mind while at work knowing that their children are reinforcing their knowledge, complying with homework and academic responsibilities, all while under a safe, professional and loving care. So, when parents pick up their children, the family can enjoy the rest of the evening without the pressure of having to worry about doing homework with their children until late night hours every day.

Tutoring is usually needed when a child has fallen behind and is struggling with one or more skills,this can be very expensive. Our aftercare program has thought of all those inconveniences. Providing a child with daily assistance and reinforcement, generally avoids the need for tutoring. Our small group assistance has shown to be very successful and can save you a lot of money on the long run, if the need for tutoring arises.

Should you not be able to take advantage of our weekly aftercare program, we have other options available such as, Membership Program, or if you prefer private tutoring by the hour, you can inquire as well.

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" If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn"

-Ignacio Estrada.



Affordable and Unique tutoring model 



Social Skills Enhacement





                  We Provide:

State of the art facility.

 K-12th  grade

Social Skills enhancement

Affordable & unique tutoring model.

Small group & private tutoring available

Homework assistance, reading and math

Interactive learning approach using educational games

 for math, language arts and reading

SAT - K,1st & 2nd Grade

FSA - Reading / Math

FSA - Writing test

And much, much more...

Math, Reading, Homework assistance. 

$65.00 per week

up to 10 Hrs weekly

*Call for details*

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" Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn"

- Benjamin Franklin.



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