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Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn Tutoring Center will be offering a summer learning program starting from June,19 through August, 10 - 2018.

Our program will reinforce and prepare students for following school year skills.  We will continue to reinforce math facts which help students focus on other aspects of that subject. 

Language arts, reading comprehension, phonics, and grammar skills will also be included in our summer program.


Program Schedule:

  1st Shift: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

 2nd Shift: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Registration fee: $35.00

Weekly fee: $75.00 (covers 10 hours of tutoring) 

Please request your registration form by texting us your email address at 305-244-7358. 

Registration form will be sent to parents via email.

Register your child by May 31st, to waive registration fee.


Social Skills Enhancement

School Year Program!
Math, Reading, 
Homework Assistance. 
 $69.00 per week

up to 10 Hrs weekly

* Call for details *

Affordable & Unique Tutoring Model 

At Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn center, we couldn't be more proud and satisfied with the positive impact we've had with our program. Providing daily homework assistance and reinforcement is the key to our children's academic improvement and success. 

With all the School Board of Education changes in effect, the standardized testing, at the fast pace the curriculum has to be taught and many other factors, our children experience a lot of anxiety and frustration with the learning process. If you add the support we provide to their daily learning effort, the possibility to achieve their academic goals increases dramatically.

Our program encourages our children to maximize their potential and confidence in a loving and caring environment. Our aftercare service, not only benefits our children, but also gives parents peace of mind while at work knowing that their children are reinforcing their knowledge, complying with homework and academic responsibilities, all while under a safe, professional and loving care. So, when parents pick up their children, the family can enjoy the rest of the evening without the pressure of having to worry about doing homework with their children until late night hours every day.

Tutoring is usually needed when a child has fallen behind and is struggling with one or more skills,this can be very expensive. Our aftercare program has thought of all those inconveniences. Providing a child with daily assistance and reinforcement, generally avoids the need for tutoring. Our small group assistance has shown to be very successful and can save you a lot of money on the long run, if the need for tutoring arises.

Should you not be able to take advantage of our weekly aftercare program, we have other options available such as, Membership Program, or if you prefer private tutoring by the hour, you can inquire as well.

                             AFTERCARE / TUTORING SERVICES

Safe and fun environment. 

State of the art facility.

 K-12th  grade

Social Skills enhancement.

Affordable & unique tutoring model.

Small group & private tutoring available

Homework assistance, reading and 



Interactive learning approach using educational games for math, language arts and reading.
SAT - K,1st & 2nd Grade
FSA - Reading / Math
FSA - Writing test
And much, much more...

                 OUTSTANDING RESULTS

School Year Program!
Math, Reading, 
Homework Assistance. 
 $69.00 per week

up to 10 Hrs weekly

* Call for details *



Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn Center is very excited to announce a new Tutoring Membership Program!!

Take advantage of this  new and innovated way for your children to receive tutoring. Our membership program is  convenient, affordable and suitable for any household budget and tutoring needs.

Our tutoring program offers memberships month to month, without long commitments. If your child needs to refresh, reinforce or improve his/her academics, this program will make a positive impact on their grades and in your budget!


My daughter love Ms Zeebra they are helping her to get amazing grades and she love to go and share with the teachers and friends. We feel like family. THEY DEDICATE ALL THE TIME THAT EACH KIDS NEED. FULL RECOMMEND
Response from the owner 11 months ago
Susie, thank you! It's been a pleasure to help your beautiful daughter. Thanks for your trust in us. :)
I have a 5th and 6th grader that attend Ms. Zeebra tutoring center for the first time this school year and I am very pleased. They finally made it to honor roll! Very excited!
Response from the owner 4 hours ago
wow! That's what we strive for! So happy to hear that!
I have been attending Zebra for 2 years now and I can say they are the best. I have all A’s and 1 B. I love it there!!
Effective turoring and trust the staff like family!, my daughter is now fluent in reading when before it was a big problem at school, definetly recommend to parents who are looking for their kids to improve grades
Ms Zeebra Play And Learn Tutoring BEST tutors I could find!!! My son is attending Zebra Tutoring since May 2017, after received the second retained letter of failing Kindergarten. THANKS TO them my son was able to pass kindergarten ... 
Response from the owner 4 months ago
Thank you so much! It's a pleasure to serve you.
Ms. Zeebra rocks! A friendly, family environment where your child will learn and be treated with lots of love and respect. At Ms. Zeebra, the service is unique, just like your child.
Response from the owner 3 months ago
Thank you! I would love to know who your child is. Yes, each of our little zeebras is unique, and we thrive to bring out the best in each one of them.
My children have been going since April 2015.. my son was on the verge of failing kindergarten and papers were submitted for him to be retained another year.. Because of zebra and the summer camp that they offered my son was able to ... 
Response from the owner a year ago
Thank you so much for such touching review. Seeing results is our biggest satisfaction. Your beautiful kids have worked hard to excel and we are happy with their success. Discipline, hard work and love for what we do, pays off. THANK YOU!
Ms. Zeebra tutoring made a big difference in my son's Math and reading skills. Thanks to their dedication my son was able to get it together and graduated this week.!!!! Now on his way to Middle School. Thank you All
Response from the owner 10 months ago
YEEEEY!!!! We were thrilled when we received the good news on your son's graduation! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this great achievement!
Loved it! They are so loving and caring. My daughters had a great experience and learned a lot. My daughters would have failed if it wasn't for Ms. Zeebra!
Response from the owner a year ago
Thank you Angelica! Your daughters worked very hard! It was an awesome experience working as a team. We miss them and hope they are doing well. Thank you again!
Great tutors and staff! My daughter has improved her grades and attitude toward learning with them a 100%. I highly recommend them!
Response from the owner 2 years ago
Thank you so much! We put our heart in what we do, and seeing results is our best reward. :)
Response from the owner a year ago
Daily ebcouragement is the key. It's a pleasure to work with Louis. Thank you!
The place is BEAUTIFUL!!! Kids learn with a different approach, according to their learning styles. The center is really inviting to learn.
Response from the owner 2 years ago
Thank you Emily!
Great place, great learning enviroment, great staff. Congratulations Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn.... Kids just love it !!!
Response from the owner 2 years ago
Thank you Martin!
Ms. Zeebra Play & Learn is the best interactive tutoring center in Miami, Fl.

(Translated by Google) The place is beautiful, perfectly suitable to provide our children with a pleasant environment for the study, impeccable in terms of cleanliness, my son is happy to arrive at that place in the afternoons because he ... 
(Translated by Google) My experience has been quite good, I have my son who is in 3rd grade and he had a lot of problems with reading and since I have it in Mss. Zebra already advanced a lot, I'm really happy, apart the place feels very ... 
Mi hijo logro muy Buenos resultados en Zeebra,cuando comenzo sus calificaciones eran bajas,el staff lo ayudo mucho con Amor y afirmacion ,estamos muy contentos con Los resultados mi Hijo esta bien preparado para el proximo ciclo escolar ...😁GRACIAS ZEEBRA..
(Translated by Google) Recomendadísimo !!!! Luis and Nana have greatly improved since they began their classes in Zeebra, were able to see the changes and results, thanks to his charisma, personal attention and service provided with each ... 
Response from the owner 11 months ago
(Translated by Google) Thank you very much for trusting us. We have greatly satisfied to see the progress of your beautiful children! (Original) Muchas gracias por confiar en nosotros. Nos ha contentado sobremanera ver el progreso de tus niños hermosos!




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